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Shop Local in St. Louis this Christmas

Shop Local in St. Louis this Christmas

If you're like me, you view gift giving as a competition...a competition you were destined to win.

That small comment you made 3 months ago about how cool it would be to own a sword? Noted. We're headed to a holiday gathering? I'll just bake cookies and gift wrap them in monogrammed mugs for every member of your extended family...don't worry, I've included handmade cards.

You get the idea - A scarf from the mall just won't cut it.

If you dig original, heartfelt gifts then I recommend you shop local. Not only will your gift support small business, it will likely be dramatically cooler than anything you find at Urban Outfitters. (No offense, Urban.)

Below is a list of my favorite makers & shakers in St. Louis. You're sure to find the perfect gift for that special someone!

Lemon Gem

If your Sweetheart, Best Friend, or Mama Bear lives to cook, Lemon Gem has you covered. Just walking into the bright yellow storefront, you're reminded of the joy that comes from a warm pot roast or a fresh loaf of bread. Every kitchen staple is accounted for and you're likely to discover a few unexpected treasures.

One of the coolest things I stumbled upon was Bee's Wrap, a reusable, compostable plastic wrap alternative. What!? It comes in different sizes & prints, lasts for a year, and is neat AF. (Perfect for your BFF who's on a mission to save the planet.)

Union Studio

Union Studio is a double threat - a local shop, featuring all local artists. From prints and mugs to ties and toys, Union Studio has something for everyone on your list.  There is something so special about handmade gifts - 0ne of a kind, made with love, chosen with care.

My favorite gift from Union Studio is a set of black & white mugs created by Carmelita Nunez. My morning coffee is a grounding ritual, to which I prefer an equally as special mug. I was also a huge fan of the Lonesome Traveler ties. I'm confident they'd make you look quite dapper.

Core & Rind

Looking to impress the Hostess with the Mostess? Arrive at your next holiday party with a jar of Core & Rind's Cashew Cheesy Sauce (trust me - she has enough wine). Vegan, gluten free,  and paleo, this cheeze sauce can work with anyone's diet. Now that's a Christmas miracle.

I'm low key obsessed with this sauce. Eat it with chips & veggies, add noodles for mac & cheese, dump it on literally anything. Last week, I made a cheesy cauli-rice with grassfed beef - it was like a paleo RiceARoni. Yuuummmmmm.

Big Heart Tea

Who doesn't love a cup of tea? St. Louis winters are nippy, to say the least, and a hot cuppa is sure to warm the heart. Big Heart Tea is the perfect gift for your favorite coworker, BFF, mother in law, as well as anyone else who indulges in simple pleasures.

I'm honestly not a huge fan of chai tea. The flavor combo just doesn't do it for me. But this chai tea? I can't get enough of it, I'm currently averaging 4 cups a day. Earthy, grounding, slightly spicy - yes please.

Cup of Sunshine is a long time favorite. I order it a lot around town. With turmeric & ginger, this tea was a total game changer in overcoming my cold earlier this winter. I drank the whole box in 3 days.


Is anyone else hardcore leaning into athleisure? i.e. wearing your yoga clothes to work?

If you're literally wearing your yoga pants as you read this, be sure to add Dimvaloo to your Christmas shopping list. You'll find unique athletic wear unavailable anywhere else in the city. (And they have sport bras that make your TaTas look incredible. #priorities.)

LoKey Designs

For your favorite Plant Mom, look no further than LoKey Designs. LoKey Designs creates the most incredible terrarium arrangements. For your home, for your office, these plants look beautiful anywhere. In fact, mine continues to travel around our apartment because I want it to be in every room!  Did I mention LoKey is selling soy candles, too?!

Lark Skin Co.

If the chic packaging doesn't sell you, the super clean products are sure to. Lark offers skincare for the minimalist, making it the go to gift for any one of your best girlfriends. I'm currently obsessing over the Beauty Balm. Its a multitasker, but I use it for oil cleansing before a hot shower. It smells heavenly (peppermint, lavender, coconut) and it keeps my skin hydrated in this winter weather!!

For more shots of all of these holiday treasures, be sure to head over to my Instagram.

Happy Holidays!!



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