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How to Deal with Negative Self Talk & Creativity

How to Deal with Negative Self Talk & Creativity

Today is my day to be creative. Time is blocked off on my calendar, but the inspiration isn’t flowing to me. I have a headache and a body ache and I’d rather spend my morning filling out my planner...

Honestly, I’ve been feeling discouraged about my creative endeavors. I’ve been feeling afraid. What if all of my projects are just a waste of time, a waste of effort? How can I move in the right direction, if I don’t have an end goal?

Yes, the Quarter Life Crisis continues.

As I’m sitting down to write this - in my bed, Fleet Foxes streaming - I’m overwhelmed with the negative self talk.

‘You have nothing important to say. This has been done before. Vapid, Vapid, Vapid.’

Thanks, Brain.

Rather than retreating, I’m aiming to navigate this negative headspace. How can I function while here? Or, better yet, how can I shift into better alignment? Here's what I came up with...

Step One - Realize that Fear is the Name of the Game.

I’m currently listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, and she states that fear is an integral piece of creativity. You can’t create without fear, but fear can’t drive the bus. Alright, Ellie - we need a new bus driver...Can you hit up Happiness? Or Inspiration?

Step two -  Be Patient & Reconsider your Expectations.

Its okay to feel frustrated. The more I struggle against this feeling, the more I feel like having a mental breakdown is unavoidable, à la Girl Interrupted.

Instead of resisting where I am, I’m breathing into it. Finding space in my body, opening space in my mind. I am giving myself permission for this to be a process, not an end result. I am allowed to continuously explore, indefinitely. In fact, I’m allowed to produce shit content, vapid content, and no content. The world is my oyster, right?

Step Three - Get into Alignment.  

If a negative headspace is the biggest contributing factor to your creative paralysis, change your energy.

Yoga & walking outside are my go to habits to cleanse bad vibes. Movement helps a lot. But sometimes, alignment is buying an almond milk latte and flipping through my favorite magazines.

I like to ask myself “Within my current circumstances, what would be the most ideal thing I can do right now?”

Step Four - Let it Go.

Finally, if creativity just isn’t happening today, let it go. There will be more opportunities to work on your projects, and times when all of your energy will flow organically. You can't force flow or inspiration. Sometimes you need to wait for it to find you.

I’m off to stretch my body & flip my record. Any advice for dealing with creative paralysis?? Would love your notes below.


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