Why Every 20-Something Should Work at a Start Up

After graduating college with a degree in apparel design, I moved to the fashion capital of the world — St. Louis, Missouri. It shouldn’t be surprising that entry-level fashion jobs were in short supply. After trying my hand at a few dead-end positions, I landed my first salaried role at a niche marketing start-up….

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WTF is Neuroscience?

Needless to say, neuroscience is a complex creature. While this article certainly won’t replace your Intro to Neurobiology course, we hope to give a deeper insight into how your brain chemistry affects your day to day experience and manifestation process. Don’t worry - we’ll keep this at a 30,000-Foot-View…

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Are You Codependent? 

Codependency affects many more of us than you may have imagined. But it’s not a life sentence, nor is it a permanent block when it comes to manifestation (in fact, there’s no such thing). There is no codependency quiz, and before you head down a never-ending rabbit hole of Google of asking “Am I codependent?”…take a deep breath. How to overcome codependency begins with first discovering if you truly are codependent, finding the root of why and unblocking to attain freedom….